New GCSE Maths Algebra Foundation Tier

This ground-breaking textbook gives students multiple ways of interacting with maths.


• Built-in maths applications for each topic

• Fully illustrated videos

• Stunning 'step-by-step' pages

• Interactive review questions

• New GCSE style exam questions


New GCSE Maths Algebra Foundation Tier available on iBooks.


Maths Interactives

Keep your students busy with interactions


Bring a new dimension to learning through

multi-touch interaction.


Visual models update before students eyes as they interact using simple controls.


Students set up, and solve questions with immediate visual feedback.


An application for each concept becomes a reality with Interactives.


Making independent learning a reality


Students learn effectively as topics spring to life. Step-by-step videos guide students by using graphics and encouraging narration.


Videos take independent learning to a new level.



A picture saves you a thousand words


Advanced pictorial representations of problems have been used to replace text, making concepts accessible to all students.

Interactive - review

It's good to have a choice


Diagnostic multiple-choice questions give students informative feedback on how they are progressing, and pick-up any misconceptions.

Review Practice

Deeper understanding through independence


Review questions promote even deeper understanding of concepts by stimulating students to use their problem solving skills.


Fully worked solutions encourage students to work independently of the teacher.

GCSE Exam - Style Questions

Preparation for the big day


An extensive collection of GCSE-style questions are included to prepare students for the exam. Fully worked solutions provide students with model answers.

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