"Fabulous resource, perfectly designed for the new GCSE - Problem Solving."



“These resources help students to develop problem solving by building up skills step by step.

We use them with our students who find problem solving difficult to help them gain confidence”


Mrs R. Gowers

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Aylesbury


  • Boost performance on problem solving
  • Scaffolded and differentiated
  • Extensive coverage
  • Buy with 'Mind The Gap' for only £155

"Your resources keep my department going!

We really like the techniques used.

It is  fascinating to see the ideas working so well!"


Mrs M. Arora

The Commonweal School, Swindon


What is Problem Solving Solved?


'Problem Solving Solved' targets complex, multi-step GCSE questions.

There are 175 carefully scaffolded and differentiated sections (728 pages).

By using these materials, your students will gain the skills critical to boosting their marks.

All units follow a clear progression, allowing students to approach the questions in simple steps.

Students gain a clear understanding of each stage in solving the question.

Clear Design


The sheets maintain a clear and easy to follow design. They are enriched throughout with scaffolded diagrams to assist students through the questions. This promotes the essential skill of breaking a question down into smaller steps.

In addition, students gain a clear understanding of how the questions are structured.

Difficulty is built across units, usually in the format of 'Introduction', 'Next Steps', and 'Advanced' units.

Promotes Independent Learning


Detailed answers are included for each step of the way.

These are particularly useful in the build up to examinations, where students are working on different topics.

The easy to use answer sheets can be used to promote independent learning.

As the students work through the units they gain the confidence and skills to tackle questions they had previously struggled with.

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